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The Woman Behind the Scenes

I'm Chrissie Sternschnuppe. Color the Soul is my lockdown project.

It was born out of boredom in 2020 when the pandemic hit. I was sent home from work and needed kill some time. So I designed myself a pair of colorful leggings decorated with pink flowers.

I also posted a photo of myself on Twitter wearing the leggings, and suddenly there was a demand for my floral leggings.

So I kept designing even more leggings, hoodies and t-shirts – all with colorful patterns to make us shine when we're wearing them.

My experience is that colors lift us, empower us and bring us together. We need this more than ever in the world today.

Please use my website for inspiration to get a more colorful wardrobe yourself. You can also follow me on social media and join the conversation.

You'll find my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts in the footer of this website.

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